Financial Planning

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A financial planner can make your life easier, save you a lot of money, and help you reach your biggest personal goals sooner.

After all, no matter how much information is available online, your personal situation is bound to be unique and it can be helpful to get personalized advice. We work with individuals and families to help them define their financial goals and develop strategies for reaching those goals.

It makes sense to hire a financial planner when …

1. You’re nearing or in retirement

There are three big financial questions that retirees and near-retirees have to answer:

  1. Am I financially ready to retire?
  2. How and when should I file for Social Security?
  3. What’s the best strategy for withdrawing from my various retirement accounts in order to both meet my needs and make my money last as long as possible?
2. You’re starting a family

Getting married and having kids both introduce a lot of new financial challenges. From joining finances, to managing the new costs of having children, to thinking about life insurance, estate planning, and college savings for the first time, young families have a lot of financial responsibilities on their plate and it can be hard to balance them all.

3. You’re a high earner

If you’re a high earner, you may have the ability to save a lot of money but not know the right way to prioritize things and take advantage of the various tax breaks available to you. A good financial planner can not only help you make those decisions and recommend tax-savings strategies, but may also be able to take over some of the implementation and management responsibilities so that you can focus your time and energy on making the money and enjoying your life.

4. You’re self-employed

Self-employed people tend to have a different set of financial questions and opportunities available to them. There are different retirement accounts to choose from, more variable income, employees to take care of, and questions around ownership and business structure.

5. You have a high net worth

High-net-worth individuals also have a unique set of financial issues. From coordinating large balances spread across different types of accounts, to advanced estate and tax planning strategies, there’s a unique skill set involved in efficiently managing an especially large amount of money.

6. You have a very specific planning need

Certain situations call for specialized knowledge that many people, and for that matter many professionals, don’t have. For example, dealing with an especially large amount of student loan debt requires a strong understanding of the various repayment options and other rules that overlap each other in confusing and specific ways. Having a child with long-term special needs involves a much different set of planning strategies than most people encounter. If you find yourself in a unique situation like this, finding a financial planner with specialized knowledge in that specific situation can help you make the right decisions.